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    Dear brothers and lovers, God bless you all, verses of Koran refer to the plague that spread everywhere like fire in dry straw. People now only do things for other people, a government, a company or any group when there is private interest, this principle started in America, then in the western world, and then everywhere, it also began to sneak and penetrate our societies.

    Now we see some believers only do favor when there is a rapid fruit of this life although this is not the way of the messenger of Allah, the way of our prophet (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) in brethren and friendship among believers is for Allah's sake. You accompany your friend because he is similar to you in creed, characteristics, features tendencies and desires, and you want the fruit and favor of this only from Allah, because we do know that everything in this life don't equal a good work for Allah's sake, we can't reward a person even for a single glorification of Allah (Sobhan Allah) even if we have treasures, jewelry and money of this life.

    This is our sir Sulayman Ibn Dawood (May the best blessings and perfect peace of Allah be upon him and upon our prophet), Allah made him control and utilize the wind, he was sitting upon his small carpet, Allah made it expand as long as new comers come to him, it used to carry his hosts of Jinn, they were about five hundred thousand, his hosts of people, they were also about five hundred thousand, his ministers and retinue and also monsters and birds Allah made under his control. This carpet was going in horizon, Allah made the wind lenient for them it didn't harm faces or blew their things, as Allah says:

    "So, We subjected to him the wind, it blew gently to his order whither he willed," 38- 36

    This carpet didn't need atomic fuel, aircrafts' fuel or cars' fuel, a man was working in his field near Jerusalem, he saw him and said: "How great is what Allah gave Solayman Ibn Dawood." The wind carried this voice to his ears, he ordered the wind to bring the carpet down, he called that man and asked him: "What have you just said?" The man said: "I said: How great is what Allah gave Solayman Ibn Dawood." He said: "By Allah O my brother, a single glorification in the book of a believer is better and greater to Allah than what Allah gave Solayman Ibn Dawood."

    Islam wants the deeds of believers to be directly with Allah even if they are ordinary deeds, why? To have the perfect rewards, favors and degrees from Allah, Allah gives whom he wills without limits, Allah never boast or regard as favor upon you, but when people give you, they mention it and regard as favor upon you, but He grows your rewards for you, people in any human bank couldn't reach this promotion because a reward equals not only from ten to seven hundred doubles, but as Allah says:

    "Allah gives manifold increase to whom He pleases." 2-261

    Where is the bank that gives seven hundred and more as an interest? Sayeda A'isha was very clever and wise as Islam taught us, once a beggar came to her, she gave him only a grain of grapes, they said to her: "You give him only one grain?" She said: "There are lots of rewards in it, if you understand." A man riding a horse got lost and came to her, he seemed not to be a beggar, she insisted that he gets off and has food with her, her clear insight differentiated between them and we should be like this. She narrated that the prophet said:

    "A man gives a charity from his legal gain, (in another narration: He doesn't count on it, and Allah only accepts legal charities,) Allah accepts it by His hand and develops it as you grow your young horse or your butler or your young camel. (In another narration Allah says to him: This is your charity that you gave on the day of so and so, we took it and develop it for you as you see."[1]

    [1] Narrated by Al-Baz'zar after A'isha (May Allah be pleased with her).

    اعلان في الاسفل

    All rights reserved to Sheikh Fawzi Mohammed Abu Zeid