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Muslims’ retardation

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Muslims’ retardation
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  • Non- Muslims ask:

    If Islam urges to labor and if it doesn't contradict with science, why we see Muslim societies the most retarded ones?

    Some westerners attribute the retardation of Muslim countries in physical civilization, in inventions, manufactures, agricultures and other things to Islam, and this is a false accusation and fake idea because the modern European civilization itself depended mainly on the achievements of Islamic civilization.

    This happened through Spain, Sicily island and what they took during crusade wars. Honest Europeans admit this. In fact, the causes of this retardation are:

    1- The long period, during which the Turkish ruled the Islamic world, they spread ignorance, poverty, disease and myths.

    2- Directly after the Turkish occupation, the Islamic world was occupied by Europeans who only wanted to use the raw materials of those peoples and make them just a market to sell their products after the industrial revolution in Europe.

    3- The Europeans were and still eager to keep all scientific results as secrets so that Muslims don’t know them so that they keep controlling everything. Or how we understand the cruel wars against any Muslim country tries to get or reach some scientific secrets though the westerners have more developed secrets. We see the crisis of Iran as it tries to own nuclear power, those who fight Iran have the same power, they ignore and encourage Israel at the same time, they only want such weapons to be only with them and so on.

    4- In their renaissance, the Europeans took the honored morals of labor in Islam such as working hard, mastering, sincerity, honesty and managing time perfectly. When they occupied the Muslim countries, they were eager to prevail negativity, isolation and laziness among Muslims. They even incited some Muslim scholars to spread among Muslims that the prophet (Blessings and peace of God be upon him) was poor and that he lived and died as a poor man. They concentrated on certain verses and certain weak Hadiths that encourage poverty and urge people to be poor, all this is against what our Muslim ancestors used to be.

    5- The colonists encouraged constructing modern schools and universities to spread modern knowledge and they stuffed this with theoretical subjects and allowed very few practical sciences which are the basis of modern technology.

    6- The western and American people followed young Arab people in different stages of education, whenever they see a brilliant and excellent ones, they allure them after graduation to go to their countries and provide them with all potentialities and benefit from their genius to make scientific discoveries and inventions which they use to control others. Trusted statistics mentioned that there are one hundred thousand Arab scientist live in European countries and America. 30% of brilliant doctors in the UK are originally Egyptians, so we can easily say that the American civilization that is so called the best in the world was and still be constructed by scientists from all over the world and there are just few Americans amongst them.

    7- The westerners were desirous to divide the Islamic world to smaller countries occupied by wars amongst themselves for reigns. So they spent their money in wars and weapons or in self benefits and desires of the rulers and nothing remained to spend in education and scientific research.

    8- The western and American intelligence agencies planted Islamic calling groups and provided them with money to attract modern youths to religion and teaching them to keep to religion apparently and fight for this, they left what is more important to Islam and Muslims which is development and following modern technology. After those groups got bigger they encouraged them to fight between each other and between them and their governments in their Islamic countries. So Muslims become victims of riots, strives, disputes, conflicts, plots and troubles encouraged by the west who provide fighters with money and weapons so that they still control and overcome all of them.

    9- The westerners are doing their best to keep the Muslim countries as consumer markets for their different products, so they encouraged Muslims to produce crude materials needed for industry such as oil and metals. They took them, manufacture them and then return the products to them in high prices to get the profits and keep Muslims as their followers. They even encouraged them to store their extra money in their banks to invest them in their great projects and deprive the Muslim peoples from this. To achieve this they interfered to make the people who are loyal to them responsible for political decisions at those countries to do what they ask.

    We think that Muslims are aware of this heedlessness nowadays. They started to be open to the world to take the most modern ways, and we will see the result of this in all aspects of their lives soon.

    اعلان في الاسفل

    All rights reserved to Sheikh Fawzi Mohammed Abu Zeid