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In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.
Praise and thanking belong to Allah ,the Endower and the Giver of all graces and gifts wherever they are found, on earth or in the heavens, which we can enjoy if we follow the straight way of our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the master of all prophets and messengers of Allah .Those people who follow that straight way, will be considered obedient servants to God and get what they wish and want in their life and they will also get good gifts in the hereafter from Allah ,the Gracious.
But if they behave according to their own whim and desires, they will get lost and be frustrated and miserable in their lifetime and even in the hereafter when they meet Allah the Almighty. Allah the Glorious has given and is still giving us all kinds of graces in addition to His kindness and goodness. How great His favors are to us, so we must thank Him. And also when we feed on the great food which is given to us by Him, we should mention and confess these graces upon us and thank Him.
Personally, I admit and confess that there is no God but Allah the one and the only Unique God Who always supports creatures whenever and wherever they are in their lifetime and in the hereafter. And also I confess and admit that our prophet Muhammad is the best worshipper has ever existed to Allah. He (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was chosen and selected by Allah to be the best creature and the most beloved one to Allah.
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him ) acquainted Muslims the favors and graces of Allah and led them to the straight way of Allah the most Powerful and all Forgiving, in order to make them afraid of making sins and doing wrongs . If we are committed to that guidance, we will be satisfied and secured in the resurrection day. At last I supplicate to Allah my Lord to bless our prophet Muhammad and make peace and blessings be upon him and resurrect us with him in paradise. .. Amen.

Fawzy Mohammed Abuzeid

All rights reserved to Sheikh Fawzi Mohammed Abu Zeid