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Questions of Non-Muslim

Questions of Non-Muslim

Questions of Non-Muslim

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Questions of Non-Muslim


In the Name of God, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.
Praise be to God Who did us a favor by granting us belief, completed the pillars of Islamic law in the Koran and sealed his apostles by our sir Prophet Mohammed, blessing and peace be upon our sir Mohammed from a believer who confess his favor, his prophecy and his message at all times.
God grants us at this age a blessed truthful group of brothers touring the internet seeking to spread Islam, the religion of God, make people love this religion and to repel the suspicions of challengers and obsessions of disbelievers.
Those blessed youths presented me some questions they were asked on their sites by challengers and suspicious people; they asked me to answer them perfectly to be able to repel those dubieties and slanders.
They also want to translate those questions with the answers to other languages starting with English to publish them on those sites so that they are available for those who can’t understand Arabic.
When we started answering these questions and dictating this to Mr. Ahmed Said Abd-El-Aal Taha, senior teacher at the experimental secondary school in Zagazig Sharkia, I noticed that some questions need a separated book to answer them in details, so we answered in brief, though it is enough as man in this age tend to short useful matters not long detailed ones or big references.
We sustained the answers by rational reasons because most of those challengers and suspicious people never admit anything from Koran or Sunna as a proof, we only mentioned Koran and Sunna after rational proofs referring to the miraculous nature of this religion as modern sciences verify what mentioned in its sources long time ago.
We supplicate God to make this booklet, Questions of Non-Muslims useful to everyone who reads it, publishes it or translates it, and to make it guide to His right path and wise law.
May God’s blessing and peace be upon the last prophet and apostle, our sir Mohammed, his family and his companions and upon those who support his call to the day of judgment, and make us among them by Your bounty and Your generosity O God The most Merciful of all those who have mercy.

Fawzy Mohammed Abuzeid

All rights reserved to Sheikh Fawzi Mohammed Abu Zeid