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In the name of Allah the most gracious
the most merciful

Thanks to Allah for His good bounties and great favors He granted man until He made him His caliph in the universe.
Blessings and peace be upon that who was the best caliph on behalf of Allah among people and that who represented Allah's descriptions, our sir Mohammed, his family, his companions and upon all those who beautified themselves by his morals and followed his guidance until the Day of Judgment, amen amen Oh Lord of mankind.
The soul (human being) is always exposed to seduction and temptation, if it is left with its seducement without advice, bringing up and guidance, it will naturally tend to sins and increase its errors until it becomes its usual way, aim, logic and habit, so it only looks for its desire, inclination and delight, thus it follows the plots of Satan, this happens to many people, so Allah says about it:
"And a soul and Him Who perfected it. And inspired it (with conscience of) what is wrong for it and (what is) right for it. He is indeed successful who chastened it. And he is indeed a failure who spoiled it." (Surat Ash'shams, verses 7, 8, 9, 10)
To advise the soul, moderate its mood, improve its nature and be in harmony and love with others, it needs a skilled doctor (Sheikh) who knows the human being and its devilish and angelic wills, he should also pass the behavioral experiment and be experienced of man's inward before his outward.
If the truthful follower could introduce himself to his guide (Sheikh) asking for help, he should be honest with him both in words and deeds, follow his orders, be truthful to him interiorly and exteriorly, he shouldn’t hide his devilish thoughts from him, he shouldn’t lie to him about his desires. When he is truthful, the psychotherapist who is his bringing up Sheikh guides him, helps him to overcome obstacles, saves him from his trips and strengthens faith in his soul.
He also teaches him the right way so that his heart is enlightened by knowledge and his heart becomes luminous by truth, then he becomes a master of his soul after he was a slave of his desires, then he refuses the ways of desire following his Sheikh and doctor, he will follow what he inspired to him like loving acts of worship, doing good and fearing Allah. He is beautified by good descriptions, give up bad descriptions and cooperate for doing good and following Allah's orders. Then his personality becomes perfect both in religion and life, he only thinks about what is true and legal, he will be away from every sin and fault, his soul will be full of belief, seeking right path and working for reforming and construction, all this due to the wisdom of the guiding doctor, his sincerity, his knowledge and his experience.
We saw that Sufis reached the extreme in chastening their souls, they skillfully described the soul, explaining its faults and show the ways of chastening and fighting it, however some couldn't distinguish accurately between the soul's descriptions and its degrees as it is a very obscure matter, but generally, Sufis are the best of those who spoke about the soul as their talk is after experience and suffering not only philosophical and intellectual study.
Thanks Allah, He guided us to follow a new and unique method in this book in talking about the soul. We showed the types of souls according to their aims, their functions and their attractions in a human being from the context of Koran and Sunna.
We also talked about the diseases of the soul and prescribed the right medicine for every disease from the cure of Koran, the pharmacy of prophetic Sunna and the guidance of righteous ancestors.
After that we showed the degrees in which the soul can promote during fighting its desires and wishes, the description of every degree, the obstacles in every degree, the inspirations of every degree and the grants from Allah.
We followed the guidance of blessed companions and righteous ancestors in their great fights to their souls, Allah may be pleased with them all.
It suffices to say that this is the first completed book in this respect, we called it:
"THE SOUL, describing and chastening it"
We seek Allah, guidance is from Him, He always has favor on us and only He can guide to the right path.
May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon our prophet Mohammed, his family and his companions.

Fawzy Mohammed Abu-Zeid

All rights reserved to Sheikh Fawzi Mohammed Abu Zeid