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Youth Modern Call to Islam

Youth Modern Call to Islam

Youth Modern Call to Islam

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Youth Modern Call to Islam


In the name of Allah the most gracious
the most merciful

Praise be to Allah only, blessing and peace upon the last of prophets.
Consecutive events of Islamic world nowadays followed by fast development in technology and communication spread everywhere in the world, it even reached the moon, Mars, Venus and Jupiter. There are space ships that tour enormous space, they send us pictures and contact us.
This requires Muslim young people to master the language of this era which is sciences and technology to do their duty in calling people to God as their ancestors did at the beginning of Islamic age. We mentioned in many of our books, the importance of the role of youth, their honorable situations in defending the religion of God and their great responsibilities in prevailing this call everywhere.
We assure in all our meetings with boys and girls that they have to use modern technology in calling to God. They should also use the revolution in social media and the internet to spread the religion of God.
We suggested many ideas and endeared youth to do many projects to support the religion of God and spread it in the virtual space and consequently spread all over the earth.
If trade is the first ambassador that prevailed religion in many places in the past, internet is the modern ambassador that is to prevail religion with certainty. The whole world is thirsty, you should give it that blessed drink, your glasses are, internet sites, forums and blogs, and your drink should pass all people of all colors and languages.
Here are a group of lectures and meetings with youth males and females concentrated on their role in calling to God by modern means with which most young people spend lots of their time with these charming machines surfing electric space. They should make their touring there for God's sake getting different types of knowledge and strive in God's cause as they have to do by prevailing His religion and informing people about His beloved prophet, (May the blessing and peace of God be upon him), and defending him. Then their sittings in front of such machines are useful, their times elevating them and their efforts pushing forward to get more religious, linguistic, scientific and technical knowledge.
I also assured to my students and my brothers, the importance of setting proper scientific plans to achieve this call by a well-prepared, organized and studied scientific way.
I always concentrate that success for sure comes quickly when we work as a team. I always urge those people who have experience and long years in working in Da'wa (calling to God), that they have to pass their experience to youth. They should arouse their will and strengthen their determination by giving them responsibility of Da'wa and preparing plans so that the youth carry out their role. By this we can have new leaderships, our nation promotes, we get victory and the religion of God prevails everywhere.
May the blessing and peace of God be upon our master Mohammed, his family and his companions.

Fawzy Mohammed Abu-Zeid

All rights reserved to Sheikh Fawzi Mohammed Abu Zeid