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Reciting Koran

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Reciting Koran
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Reciting Koran


There is still one simple thing:

It is that man in order to be loved by The Most High and The Infinite, he should always recite His book, as only His lovers keep to reciting His book.

Our Lord facilitated the matter for us:

If I am not able to read, I should listen. If you haven’t got time at all, you should use a small recorder and listen to the Koran recitation regularly, e.g. during your breakfast in the morning and during putting on your clothes, you should listen to it, you will listen to two chapters, when you come back from work and during your lunch, you should listen to other two chapters, this will be half of one part. If you have a car, you have a great chance; you can listen to one part on your way to work and another part on going home from the car recorder.

Imam Abul-Aza'em (May Allah be pleased with him) said about this:

"The follower in our way should recite a section of Koran daily not less than one part."

So he finishes it once a month because the minimum limit is to finish the Koran once a month and the medium limit is to finish it once every two weeks and the maximum limit is to finish it once a week and the higher to finish it once every three days. So at least he should recite one part everyday with thinking and contemplation because Allah talks to that who recite His book, the prophet (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said:

"Whoever amongst you wants to talk to his Lord, he should recite the Koran."[1]

Reciting and listening to the noble Koran medicates 95% of illnesses

A strange study was done in a hospital in Italy about the possibility of curing diseases by listening to verses from the noble Koran.

They got a tape with verses from Koran by the voice of Sheikh Abdel-Baset Abdel-Samad and they got a group of Italian patients, they made them listen to the Koran by the Arab tongue, what was the result?

They found the proportion of recovery among them up to 95% whereas there was no improvement among the others who listened to loud music of similar sample of the study.

They put a tape of verses of Koran with the sound of a Muslim Arab reciter under a fruitful tree and another tape of loud music, what was the result? They found that the tree which listened to the noble Koran had sweeter and quicker to ripen fruit, but the other tree was slower to ripen and has less sweeter fruit.

The story of the Moroccan girl is not far:

She had cancer, she went to many doctors specialized in cancer, the result was bad of course, they all tried but in vain. Suddenly she felt great desire to perform Omrah.

She went to Mecca and stayed there in the Holy Mosque of Mecca reciting and meditating the verses of the noble Koran and drinking the water of the well of Zamzam. She continued doing this for about a month. She felt so energetic and that she is full of life, the great surprise was that she was recovered by the nobility of the noble Koran.

Newspaper Arab Online mentioned one research done in the University of Harvard in the U.S.A.:

It emphasize that reciting the noble Koran has calmative effect after doing a research on a group of one thousand men and women of the American Arabs who are fluent in Arabic and American Muslims who not talk good Arabic.

They found that listening to recited noble Koran leads to unintentional physiological changes in the nervous system. It also helps to relieve strong nervous tense cases, cases of disaster and sadness and leads the soul to quietness ease and tranquility.

Researchers found out that reciting the noble Koran has tranquilizing effect on more than 79% of the cases that recited the noble Koran. They observed unintentional changes in the nervous system of the volunteers and this led to reducing their tense although about 50% among them are not good in Arabic.

It was obvious also that reciting the Koran helps to activate the functions of immune system in the body.

Researchers also observed that people who don’t know Arabic felt tranquility and relaxation while listening to the verses of Koran although they don’t understand most of the meanings.

The research proved that listening to quiet and slow rhythms and soft tunes like reciting the verses of Koran affects man and his psychological health positively.

Researchers alleged that such tunes can quiet the nerves and consequently lead to slow breathing and slow heart beats and this is useful especially for those who have heart problems or heart crises. On the contrary, listening to loud and high tunes lead to speed breathing and causes worry and lack of concentration.

Dr. Stephen Lock of Harvard University mentioned that:

The activity of killing cells in the immune system which are responsible for facing cancer diseases decreases severely when the effect of important immune substances decreases, they have a role in facing this illness when man is exposed to severe intense, worry and nervous tension.

Then, why we don’t keep to reciting the noble Koran, or listening to it for those who are not clever at reading even for short time. The soul is always eager for desires however tens of hours everyday are spent in wishes, on cafes, shopping and watching space TV channels which contain much fun and most of the dancing video clip songs that stir the desiresof the youths and helps to excitement and seduction or temptation.

We say, why don’t we seek refuge in the book of our Lord, and try to give it small part of our time?

The messenger of Allah (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said what means: whoever wants to talk to Allah, he should start praying and whoever wants Allah to talk to him, he should recite the Koran. He also said:

"Whoever recites a letter in the book of Allah, he deserves a favor, the favor equals ten times of its value, I don’t say Alef, lam and meem is a letter but alef is a letter, lam is a letter and meem is a letter."[2]

[1] It was narrated after Anas (May Allah be pleased with him) in Jamea Al-Ahadeeth Wal-Maraseel.
[2] It was narrated in Sonan Attermedhy after Abdullah Ibn-Masood.
اعلان في الاسفل

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