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Allah prepares His prophet (2)

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Allah prepares His prophet (2)
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SECONDLY: At the practical and executive side in Da'wa: - Allah made him call to Him in Mecca for thirteen years. - He faced unmatched opposition, persecution and annoying there. - He was an example for wise callers who call to Allah: • By his words at all times. • By his deed at all deeds without exception. • By his status however he was. • By wisdom and fair preaching. • And at all circumstances, either can be realized or above imagination.

- He began his call as a single person, no one with him but Allah, no weapon but the Koran which was being revealed verses after verses.

- In few years, his call spread and followed by different nations.


The third preparation is a special one: No human being acquires a similar one:

"He taught others how to make nations, building countries and societies." This needs not only tens of years but hundreds of years to be achieved, but by this special preparation by Allah to His messenger, in few years he built a great nation led the whole world. This never happened in history like this except this time, Allah didn't want people to think that Islam is a religion of worship and dealings and has no concern with this life, He made His beloved migrates to Medina:

- To be the perfect example in establishing urban societies from his age to the end of this world.

- He established a society upon fearing Allah and watching Him, he got rid of all the political, social, economic or other problems happened in urban societies, to be sure that Islam is a religion and a country, a religion for Allah and a country organizes the rights of individuals and groups and reform them to be good societies without problems, if they followed the guidance of the beloved and chosen prophet.

- So you see that through all these stages, statuses and developments, Allah made his life full of all different problems and diseases that can happen to mankind until the day of judgment, either for individuals (leaders or subordinates) or families and groups (relatives, enemies, friends, hypocrites, enviers, spiteful people, previous religions' people, different disbelievers, powerless, arrogant, the poor, the rich, ……) or small primitive societies or strong ones or big just or unjust societies, countries and empires. Allah founded all these problems, interlaced relations, connected and contrasted dealings for him, in order to cure them in his nation from the book of Allah and prepare from his Sunna what cures them by Allah's permission so that no Muslim becomes confused whenever or wherever he is.

This was undoubted practical and scientific confirmation that the healing of Koran and Sunna cure all the different apparent and hidden diseases, Allah affirmed this fact for us, He said about him:

"Indeed in the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad) you have a good example to follow." 33- 21  This is definite evidence for all people that he is not only an example to follow in Salat (prayers), Seyam (fasting) and Nawafel, but as we previously said:

He is an example in all his sayings, deeds, movements, settles and all his statuses all over his life. He is a living Koran walking among people.

اعلان في الاسفل

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