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Eighthly: Hajj is proximity

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Eighthly: Hajj is proximity
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Eighthly: Hajj is proximity


How can we get nearer to Allah by Hajj?


Although it is a duty for one time only, and it needs high expenses and most of us are not asked to perform it as they can't afford the expenses, whoever doesn’t have the needed money, he is not asked to do it, but righteous people said about this that our master the messenger of Allah gave us the chance to  perform Hajj everyday, how?

The prophet (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said in his trusted Hadeeth:

"Whoever performs the dawn prayer in Jama'ah then he stayed remembering Allah until sunrise, and then he prayed two prostrations, he has the favor as if he performed Hajj and Omrah." He said: the messenger of Allah (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: "Completed, completed, completed."[1]

So there are two times the righteous people always keep to them everywhere and at all times following the prophet in this, they are the time before dawn and the time between dawn and sunrise, they never sleep at these times because this is the time of Allah and because Allah said:

"Oh son of Adam, remember Me after Dawn and after Asr (afternoon prayer) for sometime, I'll suffice you what is between them."[2]

But the soul comes and whispers to you that you are still young and you can do all that you need when you retired.

I should say to it: How can I guarantee this?

Or it may say to you that you are going to work and if you do this you will be sleepy at work and asks you to delay it to Friday and when Friday comes it tells you that you are tired and this is the only day for you to have some rest.

This is the talk of the soul, oh brothers, it wants to make man lazy and freezes him, but you should be sure that if you truthfully come to Allah, He will bless everything for you, so little sleep will be enough for you.

When our master Omar Ibn-Al-Khattab became caliph, he said: If I sleep by day, then I ignore my people and if I sleep by night, then I ignore myself. They asked him what he does, He said: I made day for my people and night for my Lord.

When did he sleep then? He used to sleep after sunrise, when he saw some of his companions stay up the last third of night and sleep after dawn, he said to them:

By Allah, the time when you sleep is better than the time you stay up. And he (May Allah be pleased with him) used to pray the forenoon prayer 20 minutes after sunrise, then he puts his head between his knees and has few doses of sleep, then he got up as if he slept all night. He sometimes used to hit himself by his stick and say to himself: Oh my soul, you slept so long time.

A traveler is always in a hurry oh brothers.

A traveler sometimes stays up for two or three days before his return saying that when he comes back he will sleep; it is the same, we are all travelers to Allah and we will sleep long sleep, so man shouldn’t respond to the talk of his soul, because when he goes with Allah, Allah grants him supplies in his sleep, if he is sitting and takes little nap, he gets up as if he slept for a day and night because Allah blesses his sleep.

It was narrated that most of Imams used to pray the Morning Prayer by the ablution of night prayer, like Imam Abu-Haneefah, didn’t he have a work? He had two works, he was a merchant used to spend money on his family and his students, a scholar at that time was always spends money on his students not take anything from them. He was also a scholar teaching doctrine and religion for Allah's sake.

When did Imam Abu-Haneefah used to sleep? He used to sleep some time after the noon prayer, the prophet (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said:

"Support yourself by napping by day to stay up by night."[3]

And he was as if he was sleeping all night, but we now sleep all night and we pray the Morning Prayer and sleep, so we are lazy and idle, why?

Because we surrender to the soul, whereas we should fight it, Imam Abul-Aza'em (May Allah be pleased with him) said about this:

(Sleep is just death that overpowers my spirit; it is not allowed to sleep as it is not created from dust.)

The spirit never sleeps and if the spirit is awakened, it takes the body with it and then little sleep is enough for it. If we pity the body and let it to surrender to sleep, then the body and the soul control everything, thus the spirit won't be awakened until the day when the caller calls, Allah says:

6-94: "You have come back to us as individuals, just as we created you the first time,"

This is not good, so man should strengthen his intention, because strengthening the intention is from belief, Imam Abul-Aza'em said:

(Heighten your intention and adore in order to watch Aden in paradise and its nymphs.)

Some strange things happen to righteous people in this respect:

In the village of Al-Borollos in Balteem in Kafr El-Sheikh district, there was a righteous man called Sheikh Eesa buried in a mosque there, they called him the watchman of Al-Borollos, Imam Al-Sha'rany narrated in his Tabakat that this man stayed twenty five years without any sleep, don’t ask why?

Because these are higher conditions only known by the granter (Allah), the spirit here is raised high and elevated and if it is raised high and elevated, it relieves the body from sleep. The aim of sleep is to relieve the organs, compensate them and make general maintenance for them. Allah does all this during these little moments because the order of Allah is between the two letters of BE, as Allah says:

36-82: "All He needs to do to carry out any command is to say to it, "Be," and it is."

Whoever looks for sleep, he will find it and sleeps, but righteous people are not like this. A righteous man used to stay up all nights and in the morning he puts oil on his hair and kohl in his eyes and washes his face so that people who see him think he slept for long time, he doesn’t want people to know that he was up all night. If your Lord helps and supports you, you should know that He can fold this body and grants it power and support from The Most Gracious. As long as power and support is from The Most Gracious, the bounty of Allah is not limited in certain time or limited in a place, so you should seek help from Allah.

These are the conditions of righteous people oh brothers in this respect, and this is the way they follow to be supported and strengthened by Allah, so we hear about them that Allah shortens time and land for them and that Allah blesses their food, their sleep, their reading and their writing, why?

Because they intended truthfully to obey The Praiseworthy and The Most Venerable, we should follow and keep to this way so that Allah may love us.

[1] It was narrated in Meshkat Al-Masabeeh (971) - (2) (13).
[2] It was narrated in Jamea Al-Ahadeeth Wal-Maraseel (15120).
[3] It was narrated after Ibn-Abbas (May Allah be pleased with him) in Jamea Al-Ahadeeth Wal-Maraseel.
اعلان في الاسفل

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