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اعرض الكل

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The prophet (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) defined the lesions of Muslim society at this age and any age as they are three:

1 – Excessiveness.

2 – Stray creeds.

3 – Ignorant interpretations.

He said as narrated by Abu-Horayra:

"This knowledge will be carried out at every generation by its fair people; they banish distortion of extremists, interpretation of ignorant people and embracement (adoption) of liars."[1]

EXTREMISTS are those who go to extremes in something and exceed moderation, like some of those who concern outward features of religion without consideration to the spirit and the essence and they discord one another. Also among Sufis' lovers, there are some who go to extremes at expressing their love to their Sheikhs and narrate stories and myths in this respect and say they are karamat (miracles), but they aren't, they are legends, imaginations and hallucination. Miracles should match those miracles mentioned in the book of Allah about Virgin Mary, people of Kahf (the cave) and others. Those are whom the prophet described as distortion of extremists.

"EMBRACEMENT (adoption) OF LIARS" They are those who believe in what is not in religion for political aims to satisfyleaders, doctrinal aims, worldly aims or psychological aims. Those are opposed by men who are fighting in the Way of Allah, and never afraid of blamers, the prophet said about them:

"This knowledge will be carried out at every generation by its fair people."

FAIR PEOPLE are those about whom Allah said:

"Thus We have made you, a Wasat (just and the best) nation, that you be witnesses over mankind and the Messenger (Muhammad) be a witness over you." 2-143

The prophet indicated that witnesses here are fair people; fair people are those who judge by right even if it is bitter, they give legal opinions beginning with themselves and their relatives. They never order others by harder, order themselves by easier and find interpretations for themselves, but they follow Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, Abu Bakr Al-Sed'deek and other good companions of the prophet.

The prophet didn't say: its scholars, but he said: its fair people, because fair people are scholars who apply what they say, there is fear in their hearts from Allah, Allah says about them:

"Those who convey the Message of Allah, fear Him and fear none but Allah." 33- 39

"Interpretation of ignorant people…"

IGNORANT PEOPLE are those who occupy people at this time by nominal, and side matters and made them basic elements of religion, they only speak about matters people differ about as if they are the whole religion, like the two prostrations before Jomaa, the two Athans of Jomaa, Al-Tasyeed (saying Ashhadu Anna Sayedona Mohammed Rasool Allah) in Athaan and so on. These are all nominal and side matters, a believer shouldn't be totally occupied by them.

Also LIARS are people who believe things in the religion of Allah which are not from it, like the creeds appeared at this time, like Al-Baha'eya and Al-Ba'beya , these are creeds attach themselves to Islam, but we should refute and refuse them and correct the facts for people and explain real Islam to them.

[1] Narrated by Al­Baz'zar in Majmaa Al_Zawa'ed and by Al­Bayhake in Meshkat Al­Masabeeh.

اعلان في الاسفل

All rights reserved to Sheikh Fawzi Mohammed Abu Zeid