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اعرض الكل

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Medicating hearts

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Medicating hearts
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Medicating hearts


What makes the heart good oh brothers and makes it suitable for meeting Allah?

There is nothing but the lights of the beloved and the chosen, we are at night and if we go along a road with no electricity, can you see anything? What gives light to the whole world? The sun does.

And so what enlighten the hearts?

It is the sun of the lover and the beloved (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him).

Whoever walks in the world of the unseen, he doesn’t walk by his body but he walks by his heart his spirit and his secret, and he sees the light of the messenger of Allah (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him).

He is the light of spiritual, abstract matters and also upper and lower facts (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him).

Man should know the abstract picture, make his hearty feelings fine, thin his luminous sides and risen his spiritual secrets to follow the messenger of Allah in these high degrees and that gets him nearer to Allah.

When he bless upon the messenger of Allah by this condition, he doesn’t bless only by tongue.

The heart remembers and the beautiful is in front of me, then it is not the tongue, it is the heart that remembers as if it is watching a different type of films. He sees by the eye of his heart the light of his Lord (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). These oh brothers are the optical or corporeal blessings because they are said during watching the degrees of Mohammed and telling about the luminous reality.

If I want to be among the people of watching or the people of connection or the people of knowledge, I have to know:

These beauties and these perfections by which the eye can be set on the eye, so we find the way Imam Abul-Aza'em describes our master the messenger of Allah not only physical descriptions, but all are abstract, luminous, spiritual and corporeal descriptions. All of these are just descriptions but the reality is over description and imagination. All these scenes one can watch in the blessings of Imam Abul-Aza'em, so when you bless he tells you not to read only by your tongue, what should you do then?

He says to you:

(Bless as if you are watching so that you get the best grants and spend the time in watching without inclination.)

Bless as if you are watching, he once was talking to the messenger of Allah and said to him:

"I adored you by watching not by hearing narrations," i.e. I loved you as I saw you not hearing from people after each other but by watching. Whoever wants to be among the people of watching or connection and among the people of higher ranks and among the people of elevated degrees he needs to know something about the meaning of the messenger of Allah, when Imam Abul-Aza'em talks about ordinary individuals in life, he says about them:

(His meaning is hidden and his body is watched, the individual is a meaning not just a physical existence.)

So we can say that our master the messenger of Allah is not limited in a place, but he fills the universe by his light, his secret, his spirit and his transparency (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him).

This is the secret of these blessings:

You should keep to them and never leave them so that you get the high lights and elevated ranks in them; it is as our master the messenger of Allah said as narrated by Sayeda A'isha:

"Oh people, do the deeds that you can afford as Allah doesn’t get bored until you get bored, the best deeds that Allah likes are those you keep to them even if they are not many."[1]

Then A'isha said: (When the Mohammed's family does something, they keep to it.)

Imam Al-Ghazaly (May Allah be pleased with him) in his book Ihyaa' Oloom Addeen (Reviving the Knowledge of Religion), he mentioned a nice example, he said: (If drops of water falls regularly on a rock, then one day this rock will be broken into small pieces, but if you get a bucket full of water and pour it over this rock, what will it do to the rock?)

This is the same with acts of worship:

Whoever does worship once or a month and leaves it after that, he won't go forward.

Because the heart is like that rock, the deed that rise need to be permanent, if you perform praying upon Allah's beloved and chosen continuously, Allah will fine the heart, prepare it and make it ready for the light of Allah's beloved and chosen.

(Cling to the light of Allah and don’t incline to desires as far people do.)

If one drop of the light of the beloved fell into the heart, it will be enough and suffice it:

(A dot of light from him can give life to our hearts, then what if I am a sea and stars.)

One dot is enough.

What you think of the sea which is endless, he says about it:

(The drinking places of all the messengers of Allah are one hundred and twenty thousand. They are clear to me and appeared in me, submit to us and you will get the best reunion.)

[1] It was narrated in Saheeh Muslim after Aa'esha (May Allah be pleased with her).
اعلان في الاسفل

All rights reserved to Sheikh Fawzi Mohammed Abu Zeid