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Personal Biography

Biography of Sheikh Fawzi Mohammed Abu Zeid

Signs on the Road - From the Autobiography of Sheikh: Fawzy Abu-Zeid

The beginning - Searching for Sheikh - Knowing Imam Abul-Aza'em - Searching for knowledge - Meeting alive Sheikh - The right beginning of the way to God - Companionship of Sheikh - Taking the leadership - Going on and God's gifts in Da'wa - Collecting Sheikh's heritage in knowledge, calling and writing it down - Da'wa online - Da'wa and the aim – The commandment

But the bounty of your Lord, rehearse and proclaim

In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. We seek His support
Dear brothers, beloved of the prophet, the best blessing and perfect peace be upon him, following what God says in Qur'an:
93-11: "But the bounty of your Lord, rehearse and proclaim."
As many brothers, lovers and Muslims ask for it, I write something about my practical way on the road of righteous people proclaiming God's favor and His gifts upon me. So I named this autobiography "This is God's grace". Doing this I follow the way of righteous people as most of them write down their autobiographies for their followers, they announce what they experienced clearly, they didn’t let others tell about them just by telling or hearing, so they explain to truthful believers their real lives, how they fight their desires and their luminous deeds and status for which God grants them higher positions. So their autobiographies are not fields for writers who seek benefits or pretender Sufis or exaggerating lovers. They do this away from pride or praising their deeds, but they just say pure truth following what God says clearly in Qur'an:
2-283: "Conceal not testimony; for whoever conceals it,- His heart is tainted with sin."
In mentioning their strive, status, observation, endeavor and grants, they follow the guidance of what God says in Qur'an:
61-2,3:"O you who believe! Why say you that which you do not? Grievously odious is it in the sight of Allah that you say that which you do not."
If you get surprised by what they say or find it difficult to be understood or recognized, you should know that they completely follow what the prophet said:
"The biggest lie is to tell after me what I don’t say or to fabricate a dream that your eyes don't see."
They wouldn’t have told it unless it had been completely true and needed by people, what they hid is even more marvelous. If you think what they said is weird, don’t hasten criticizing them but blame yourself. Don’t defame them because they never say anything unless they clearly witnessed it, there is no space for the ego, illusion or imagination.
Among those who wrote their own autobiographies:
Imam Al-Mohaseby in his book, "An'nasa'eh Ad'deeneya", Imam Al-Ghazali in his book, "Al-Monkedh Menad'dalal", Ibn-El-Jawzy in his book, "Luftat Al-Kabed Ila Naseehat Al-Walad", Imam Ibn-Hajar Al-Askalany in his book, "Raf'ul-Esr An Kodat Misr", Mohammed Ibn-Toloon Ad'demashkey in his book, "Al-Fulk Al-Mashhoon Fe Ahwal Mohammed Ibn-Toloon", Imam Asha'rany in his common book, "Lata'ef Al-Menan Wal-Akhlak Fet'tahaduth Bene'matellah Alal-Itlak", and many others. Writing these short selections, I follow them, I hope they can help and support those who want to follow the way of righteous people and need modern examples in front of them.
God knows that I see myself less than being a model or a guide for believers. I don’t deserve to be among those former righteous people, but it is the insistence of brothers and lovers. I beg God to forgive me what they don’t know and make me better than what they think of me, this is how the greatest lover (the prophet) taught us to be. I also supplicate God to help me be the way God, His apostle and believers love.
I promise I will try to complete this autobiography later and publish it in a separated book as my brothers desire and as it is the responsibility, fidelity and honesty of knowledge as our teachers and masters taught us. We seek God's support, by which we can reach truthfulness and get guidance in all deeds.
I start by the name of God The Most Gracious The Most Merciful:
I was born in Al-Gemeiza, As'santa, Al-Gharbeya Governorate, A.R.E., on Monday, 18th October, 1984, 15th Zul-Hejja 1367 Hijri. I was educated in my village until I finished secondary school, then I joined the faculty of Dar-Al-Oloom in Cairo in 1966, I got the license in 1970.
I worked as a teacher in Upper Egypt, then I moved and promoted until I was general director in Tanta educational governorate, I retired in 2009. I still live in my village Al-Gemeiza. God granted me to work in the field of Da'wa (Calling) to Him by wisdom and fair preaching for about 40 years, thanks to God's favor, His guidance and the blessing of His apostle, (May the blessing and peace of God be upon him).

The beginning

While I was in the second year of the faculty of Dar Al-Oloom in Cairo university, it was in 1967, I loved acts of worship especially fasting, reciting Qur'an and praying upon the prophet (May the blessing and peace of God be upon him), God also granted me performing obligatory prayers at their due times in Jama'ah (congregation).
At that time, I loved reading some religious books and fulfill what I read, the beginning was the book: Tanbeeh Al-Ghafeleen (Awakening inattentive people) by Abi-Allayth As'samarkandy, then: Bedayet Al-Hedayah (The beginning of guidance) by Imam Al-Ghazali, it was printed as marginal of his book: Menhaj Al- A'bedeen (the way of worshippers), in which he determined a complete way of life for a Muslim from the time he awakens until he goes to bed again after performing night prayer.
Allah (Glory to Him) honored me by performing what is in this book in addition to fasting Mondays and Fridays and other virtuous days such as the ten days of Zul-Hejjah, A'shouraa and others. Allah also made me love praying upon the prophet (May the blessing and peace of God be upon him), I used to read the book of Dala'el Al-Khayraat by Imam Al-Jazooley and Anwaar Al-Hak Fes'salah Ala Sayed Al-Khalk by Sheikh Abdel-Maksood Salim.
I used to feel great happiness as I pray upon him on my road by certain formulas inspired to me by Allah, so I used to go away from people I knew, so that they don't distract me from this great happiness. I made myself regular amount of praying upon him at midnight before going to bed when it is very quiet and calm, I felt he comes to me and enables me to see him (May the blessing and peace of God be upon him). I used to sleep at that state waiting for him to come, Allah honored me by seeing him, (May the blessing and peace of God be upon him), many times.
At that time, I read some writings by Imam Al-Ghazali means that if a Muslim keeps praying upon the prophet, (May the blessing and peace of God be upon him), until he loves and sees him, if his well is strengthened by praying upon him, then he, (May the blessing and peace of God be upon him), becomes his Sheikh and guides him in dreams or awake if he is stronger, such a man doesn’t need other Sheikh. I liked these words and intended to continue this way to the end.

Searching for Sheikh

At that time, righteous people and their lovers used to gather around virtuous dead people especially in their anniversaries. I used to go to these festivals to meet and visit righteous people. I used to visit shrines of righteous people invited by them. I used to see myself in my dream in the shrine of a righteous man I didn’t know before, then I go to visit him at once.
Once I met a righteous man, Sheikh Hassan Sha'ban , he asked me if I had a Sheikh, I said that my Sheikh is the apostle of Allah, (May the blessing and peace of God be upon him), he said: "This doesn’t work to us, (i.e. to righteous people) whoever has no Sheikh, his Sheikh is Satan." These words affected me as the flame that stirred the desire inside me to know and meet righteous people as Allah says:
9-119: "O you who believe, fear God and be with those who are truthful (in words and deeds)."
Then, by God's grace I turned to the next stage, whenever I know about a righteous or a virtuous man, I go to see him and tell him my story. One of them is Sheikh Ahmed Hejab who said to me: "I can't afford my soul, how can I afford others'?"
I sadly left him, I haven’t known yet that righteous people are two types: a guiding righteous man, Allah enables him to call and guide people to Him, and a righteous man just for himself, Allah supports him to obey and worship Him.
As my collage was in Al-Moneera quarter in Cairo near Sayeda Zeinab at that time, I used to visit Sayeda Zeinab a lot and ask about righteous people. I went to Sheikh Abdel-Maksood Salim and asked to accompany him; he asked me if I was married, I said: "No." He said: "When you finish your study and get married, come to me."
I was surprised because I thought that this matter is not an obstacle in the way to Allah, so I said at once: "Was our sir Jesus married?" he said: "We are not like our sir Jesus."
After long and hard search, sometimes with good righteous people and sometimes with so called and pretenders whom we think are brigands so there is no need to mention them, during Rajab festival of sir Ahmed Al-Badawy in Tanta, during this visit I went to see Sheikh Ibrahim Hussein Ammar after I heard a lot about him. When we shook hands and I sat in front of him, he stared at me and praised me, he asked me to repeat visit him. I did and we became close to each other, I stayed with him for two years as the first spiritual teaching for me.
He was a man of strong spirit, he inherited Jesus status, he used to pat on my back and at once I feel the strength of his spirit moves to me. Allah granted me by his blessing inner conditions, sometimes I couldn’t afford speaking by tongue as I was clearly hearing remembrance from my heart. When I was in means of transport to collage, I didn’t feel people around me although it was very crowded due to strong feelings inside me.
This was a good status, but it was going to affect me negatively. Allah's mercy saved me, that condition encouraged me to leave my collage and search for a distant place to devote myself for worship, due to the great joy I feel in worshipping Allah, but Allah's mercy saved me by knowing Imam Abul-Aza'em.

Knowing Imam Abul-Aza'em

During all that, I didn’t stop reading books of righteous people and their tales. During a session with some of righteous people's lovers, they mentioned a good brief about Imam Abul-Aza'em and his successor at that time his son As'sayed Ahmed Mady Abul-Aza'em. After leaving, I slept at that night and saw As'sayed Ahmed Mady Abul-Aza'em sitting on his chair, although I had never seen him before.
I prayed so that God helps me to choose either to visit him or not, I saw our sir the apostle of Allah (May the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him), he took my hand and cruised the higher worlds then descended to the earth and we entered to Imam Abul-Aza'em and asked me: "Do you know who is he?" I kept silent respectful to the messenger of Allah, (May the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him), he said: "This is your Sheikh." I knew that this is a permission from him to move, I went to As'sayed Ahmed. There were few brothers with him but they went away soon, we were alone, I pledged allegiance to him to follow the way of his father.

Searching for knowledge

As what encouraged and urged me to look for righteous people was how to know Allah the witnessed knowledge, this need luminous clear insight so I used to ask every righteous man I met: "How can the insight be opened." Everyone used to answer according to his way and taste.
When I entered the school of Abul-Aza'em, I found out that the way of guiding and teaching differs from one person to another. Imam Abul-Aza'em taught different men according to the true Sufi call and allowed them to call people. They used to cruise here and there, good and wanted people are attracted to them, every one of them has his own way and method.
Imam Abul-Aza'em said about this: "Thoroughness (generality) requires dissimilarity." This means broadness of a guide (Sheikh) requires variation in his followers' ways and tastes. So I went to some of those guides seeking my aim which is opening the insight.
Firstly I heard from Sheikh Taher Mohammed Makhareeta , I was attached to him because Allah granted him the tongue of Imam Abul-Aza'em, I used to attend his lectures everywhere and I used to memorize them completely and retell them exactly to my brothers when I get back to them as if it is a recorded tape.
He encouraged me to end my study first then turn totally to the way of Allah. When I told him my wish, he directed me to Awrad (remembrances) of Imam Abul-Aza'em like the fifty parts of praying upon the messenger of Allah (May the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him,), Al-Lata'ef Al-Barzakheyah and others. When he sees my gluttony for more and that such remembrances don’t satisfy my needs, he permitted me all kinds of Awrad.
As it is a condition of true following in order to reach Allah's blessing according to Sufis to have permission before doing such a thing, because permission opens for a follower the spirit of strengthening and makes Sheikh's spirit protects him from hidden obstacles and self-temptations. So I was very pleased by this permission and rushed totally to Awrad, but this didn’t satisfy me. I used to remember what Imam Abul-Aza'em said:
"Perpetually, I'm eager to this high essence, I'm not patient until my eyes see Him."
I told Sheikh Mohammed Shehata Hendawy about that, he told me that remembrance of Allah can open the eye of insight, but he didn’t tell me the way to do that. So I told it to another caller, Sheikh Kotb Zeid , he answered me in a way I knew he wanted to take me away of this, and to be concerned only in keeping to brothers' sittings, mutual visits and praying upon the messenger of Allah, (May the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him), in groups.
I didn’t like some conceptions spread among brothers at that time. They circulated among themselves that these high tastes, elevated conditions and refined views are only for Imam Abul-Aza'em, but others should only love him, keep to Awrad and sittings, they shouldn’t look for such things. They allege that these things are only got by Allah's favor not by deeds.
I used to argue with them by what I heard from them about the conditions of Imam Abul-Aza'em and other righteous people and their great deeds for Allah's sake, Allah's selection never stops, there are no limits to His bounty, His mercy is so large that it can include all those who repent and follow the right way, as Allah says:
22-75: "Allah chooses messengers from angels and from mankind."
The word chooses is in the present, this means that it is continued to The Day of Judgment.

Meeting alive Sheikh

I continued like this for a period of time looking for alive Sheikh who can take my hands to Allah. However I was sure that he was among the followers of Imam Abul-Aza'em due to the dream I mentioned before.
After I was licentiate from the faculty of Dar Al-Oloom, Cairo University in 1970, I was appointed in the ministry of education in Quena governorate. I went to Quena and got my job as a prep school teacher of Arabic in Armant. There, I met a small group of people but the most blessed people who truly know Imam Abul-Aza'em. When I asked them how they knew Imam Abul-Aza'em, they said it is Sheikh Mohammed Ali Salama.
I can never forget that special night when they invited me to attend a celebration of the birth of our sir the messenger of Allah, (May the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him), at the house of Sheikh Abdel-Lateef Mohammed Ali, a merchant in Armant. After having dinner, we talked for some time; I was astonished by their high condition, elevated morals and perfection although they were not famous among known followers of Imam Abul-Aza'em or among their own people because their slogan was as Imam Abul-Aza'em said:
"Keep your knowledge hidden away from those who tended only to their desires, falsehood and slander."
One of them is Sheikh Abul-Adab who said to me: "You knew Abul-Aza'em by words, but we knew him by sight." The one who has the greatest favor on me in meeting my Sheikh was Sheikh Ahmed Hassan Gharbawy. He is the door through which I entered to alive Sheikh. When I got astonished by the beauty of those conditions I was looking for, I asked them about the secret behind it, they referred to Sheikh Mohammed Ali Salama. At that time, he was moved to Hehya in Sharkia Governorate, I haven’t met him yet although I went there several times, because of his great secrecy.
Then I went to bed surprised by these conditions, I saw Sheikh Mohammed Ali Salama in dream, he was looking at me for long time. The more he looked at me the more I feel I was going up higher into the Kingdom and saw things I don’t remember now, I was astonished and wanted to ask about the secret of this, but I heard a voice answering my thoughts before I talk, he said:
"Every nation has a prophet, this man is the prophet of this nation."
I woke up and knew that he is the alive man by whom Allah gives life to hearts, Imam Abul-Aza'em said about him:
"Allah is permanently alive and no one can reach Him without alive man." He also said: "A breath with the alive man is life for the heart and a breath in heart's life is better than life in paradise."
He also says to those who are occupied by acts of worship and think that they don’t need alive man who reached Allah's grace:
"They were deprived of reaching Allah's grace because they paid no attention to bases."
The first basis among those bases is that God gathers you with alive connected man, as He says:
16-43: "If you realize this not, ask of those who possess the Message."
He also says to them:
"A thousand year away from the door of the prophet is as one breath, good tiding is for those who forgive others."
He refers to the benefits of sitting with alive righteous man, he says:
"A breath with an alive righteous man is better than deeds of worshippers and ascetics for long years."
Later Allah willed that I find the Hadeeth which clarifies what I had seen in my dream, the prophet, (May the blessing and peace of God be upon him), said:
"A Sheikh with his people is as a prophet in his nation."
I knew that he is the Sheikh of those people I met and those who are similar to them. I also knew that he is the door through which the knowledge and conditions of prophecy are given to them. I also knew that Allah honored me and made me with them; I beg Allah to grant me more bounties and make me one of them as Imam Abul-Aza'em said:
"Whoever is with us, he will understand the meaning and whoever is one of us, he will get what he hopes."
Oh Allah, achieve our hopes, enjoy our eyes by seeing the lights of our prophet, our secrets by seeing our beloved and our souls by seeing divine perfections and subjective lights.
May the blessing of Allah be upon our sir Mohammed, the secret of these grants, the specified one for divine essence and the one who uncovers all kinds of perfections for people of high spirits, and upon his family who inherited these luminous essences, amen amen Oh Lord of creatures.

The right beginning of the way to God

Allah granted me by accompanying brother Sheikh Ahmed Hassan Gharbawy, who took my hand to the right way of purifying the soul and make it perfect by elevated morals important when going to or accompanying Sheikh. Imam Abul-Aza'em said about this:
"A follower in our way should choose himself a true brother knew Sheikh and accompanied him before him to follow his words, deeds and conditions until he brings him to Sheikh (The guide), and shows him his beauties and perfections because Sheikh is a slave and he doesn’t talk about himself."
During these events my spiritual conditions were developing so quickly and I was longing to meet Sheikh, until the time came and we went home to spend holiday of Eed. I went at once to meet Sheikh the second day of Eed-El-Fetr.
This was the first meeting between me and Sheikh. He started it after asking about brothers, by telling me the story of the man that wanted to visit Sheikh Abul-Hassan Ash'azely. On his way he passed a worshipper staying in a small hut near the sea, he went to see and meet him, he knew that he always fasts days and stays up nights.
When the worshipper asked him about his destination and knew that he was going to visit Sheikh Abul-Hassan Ash'azely, he asked him to tell Sheikh to supplicate for him. When the man reached Alexandria and went to Sheikh Abul-Hassan Ash'azeley, he found lots of apparent and abstract bounties of God.
When he wanted to leave, Sheikh asked him if anyone sent a message, he told him what happened between him and the worshipper. He raised his hands and said to his followers, I'm going to supplicate, say amen, "Oh Allah, take out loving this life from his heart." The man was surprised hearing his supplication.
On his way back, he passed the worshipper, he asked him about his journey, he told him about it but he was too shy to tell him about the supplication of Sheikh as he sees him good in worship. The worshipper insisted to know the supplication of Sheikh for him, when the man told him he said: "Thanks God, I knew and felt the response from that time." The man asked the worshipper excitedly: "Which life you have?" He said: "I fast during the day, when sunset is near, I go to the sea to catch something to break fasting, Allah used to send me one fish every day, as if it is the same fish, even if I do my best to get a different one. So every day on my way to the sea, I wish Allah sends me a bigger one or a second one. When Sheikh supplicated for me, I no longer find this."
The man was more astonished by the conditions of righteous people and intended to visit Sheikh Abul-Hassan the following year. When he went the next year, he found a different thing, every day there was only one kind of food in breakfast, lunch and dinner, he thought that Sheikh didn’t want to be generous with him although they were eating together. Sheikh knew this by his luminous insight, he said: "We are people who give what we have and never afford what is missing."
This wisdom was the key that opened the lock of his heart and put him at the beginning of the right way to reach Allah's bounties.
This meeting fruited different things for me, e.g.: I understood that I'm like that worshipper as I was occupied by worship at that time. A true follower thinks every talk of his Sheikh individually or in public is directed to him, he doesn’t think about others.
I also knew that a follower never starts his way to Allah unless he completely takes this life out of his heart. I also realized that supplication of Sheikh that he repeated three times is for me, thanks God, I felt the response from that time. Life doesn’t mean anything little or much to me compared with God's satisfaction.
Life to me at that time was that I used to worship Allah to get wishes and aims in myself, although they are high and elevated aims as they concern the hereafter and reaching Allah's bounties, but they are not proper for the people of high rank who worship Allah not to get grants or to be safe from punishment but because He Himself deserves worship. This is the way of righteous people; they symbolize for their followers to correct their conditions even in their ordinary talk. Imam Abul-Aza'em said about this:
"Listen from me to words that you can think about, knowledge is by Allah from His pure grants. Knowledge concerned to Allah, The Most High, is ambiguous; it can only be understood by true lovers. Get what you can understand from the sign of a righteous man, their words can cure illnesses."
So I began the true way to Allah following the way of Prophet Mohammed (May the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him) accompanying this righteous man. I will mention a little amount of what happened between us in this autobiography to urge lovers' well and encourage students' intentions, but most of it shouldn’t be mentioned, because the prophet said:
"Sittings are trusts."
The rule of the people of high ranks in their sittings is: "We are people who sit with Allah, if we left a sitting, it is as if we didn’t sit." I.e. we keep secrets, because these knowledge and secrets need special tastes, the way to it is as wise people said: "Taste and you will know." Imam Al-Ghazali mentioned this and said:
"It was as it was that I can't remember, think it is fine and don’t ask about it."
Imam Abul-Aza'em said about this:
"Keep my secret, it shouldn’t be disclosed, whoever disclose a secret after knowing it, he will be punished. Our knowledge is higher than minds, it is unseen light. Our God specified us by this favor, this is an ambiguous secret shouldn’t be disclosed."

Companionship of Sheikh

I accompanied Sheikh, I will mention that briefly, when he asked me to call people; following his orders I used to go to different places to call people. After my return, he used to correct some conceptions I mentioned in his preachment and explain them in a simple modern way. I used to say the opinions of previous scholars and cite by them in my sermons, sometimes I did not realize they are not suitable for the age or oppress people.
He used to draw my attention in his public sermon and say: "Some people say so and so, and we should say to people so and so." He mentions reasons. For example, talking about death, I used to concentrate on its hardness and difficulty following ancestors until I heard him saying:
"People mention death and its hardship and difficulty, they never distinguish between believers and unbelievers. What they say is true, but for unbelievers, pagans and atheists. As for believers it is different, it is happiness by meeting Allah and joy by His honor." He mentioned different kinds of honor and grants a believer receive at his death enough to make attendants love death and look forward to it.
I remember something that astonished lots of brothers; once we were visiting Ar'rozaykat Kebly Markaz Armant in Quena Governorate. Sheikh went to visit a patient and I went with brothers to perform prayers in mosque, after the prayers they asked me to give a sermon, I started explaining the aphorism of Imam Abul-Aza'em that says: "Heirs are four; heirs of words; they are people who learned Sharia, heirs of deeds; they are pious worshippers, heirs of conditions; they are people of true conditions and the perfect collective single heir."
I explained the first three kinds as I could and I wanted to explain the fourth when a brother came and said: "Sheikh invites you to come." We went and sit with him, he started his sermon saying: "Heirs are four;" He mentioned them and then started to explain the fourth one which is the perfect collective single heir, he completed what I had begun.
Years passed and incidents followed each other, there were lots of lights, secrets, grants and supports that can't be mentioned as words and signs can't reveal.
During these years Sheikh established Jam'eyet Ad'da'wah Ila Allah in Heliopolis to be an official face of true call, it included his followers and students, I was one of them.
He asked me to do different tasks and deeds in this respect related to Da'wa. I used to accompany him in most of his journeys related to Da'wa. He used to entrust me lots of matters and counsels of brothers. When someone asks his advice about something, he asks him: "Did you ask our brother Fawzy?" If he said: "Yes" He says to him: "Do as he told you." Sometimes he asks a brother: "What did Fawzy tell you?" He tells him so and so, then he says to him: "Yes that’s right." Some brothers who used to accompany Sheikh in Port Said told me that they heard him many times saying to anyone who asks his advice: "Go to Fawzy, Fawzy is me and I am Fawzy."

Taking the leadership

Years and years passed and there were lots of events between me and Sheikh that I can't mention now as they can't be written down but only poured in men's chests.
The order of Allah came, it was 1411 Hijri, 1991, Sheikh went to Hajj this year, he was to meet Allah, I accompanied him after he ordered me as I didn’t intend to go to Hajj that year. He said to me: "Who strengthens brothers when I die." It happened as he wanted.
When time came, at the last night before his death, he passed all brothers to see them off and they were surprised, he came to us at Om-Al-Kora hotel at eleven pm. We wanted him to go to bed to get some rest, but he said: "I'd love to sit with you for few moments." He started to mention what happened that day in his lectures to pilgrims, he said that they do lots of mistakes in rituals as they don’t know them, then he said to me: "When you go back to Egypt collect these mistakes under the title (common mistakes in Hajj) and add them to the book Hekmat Al-Hajj Wa-Ahkamoh, (Morals and rules of Hajj) in its new edition."
The next day he died and we buried him in the cemetery of Al-Mo'alla in Mecca.
Here is an astonishing thing predetermined by God, later we found out that the graveyard of Al-Mo'alla is in a quarter called Al-Jemmeiza in Mecca. We saw a big sign at the entrance of the cemetery facing Haram (Ka'ba), the sign is still there. The astonishing thing is that the name (Al-Jemmeiza) is not common in Arabia or in Egypt, it is the name of my village where I was born and live now, it is Al-Jemmeiza, Markaz As'santa, Gharbeya Governorate, Egypt.

Going on and God's gifts in Da'wa

After Hajj, we continued the way of this blessed call as he started it. We established Al-Jam'eya Al-A'mah Led'da'wah Ila Allah (General association for calling to Allah), it is a central association, now it has about 20 branch in all governorates.
Allah granted us true brothers who helped us in Da'wa. We continued the way following the method of Sheikh by holding two collective meetings a year, the first is celebrating the birth of the prophet, the second is celebrating Israa' and Mi'rag and we added a third one celebrating the anniversary of Sheikh Mohammed Ali Salama.
I used to travel regularly every weekend to see brothers in other places on Fridays or Fridays' nights too. I also hold annually meeting in Upper Egypt, Aswan, Luxor, Esna, also in Minya, Maghagha, Alexandria, Port Said, Banha, Mansura, Kafr-Esheikh and other places. I used to do this at my own expense by God's bounty. Besides working hard at my job in the Ministry of Education and being promoted, so that I could be a sincere example for people at this age. Then I was retired at the age of sixty, since then I am only working in Da'wa day and night. This is God's bounty, His guidance and also supports of His beloved and chosen prophet, (May the blessing and peace of God be upon him).
These long meetings in Upper Egypt and weekly meetings in other places have helped to deep-root Da'wa, give truthful ways of teaching for followers and brings up truthful men. During these journeys we saw God's support and bounties from seas of inspiration that we can't count or write down. God also gathered with us the best truthful followers who seek God, this helps to renew Da'wa and spread the spirit of love, truthfulness and brotherhood.
Then God inspired me when I saw that Da'wa needs regular methodical meetings besides what we already have, so we decided to hold a monthly comprehensive meeting in Ma'adi, Cairo, on the first Thursday and Friday of each month. The meeting starts after Ishaa' (evening) prayer on Thursday, then Friday morning, then Friday sermon, the meeting continues to Asr (afternoon) prayer.
These regular meetings helped Da'wa a lot since we started them in middle 1990s until now. They are settled platform in Sufi regular and methodical teaching, they also call to strive (Jihad) of soul and other things God granted us. These monthly meetings round the years are like fixed, scientific, Sufi, and religious institutions. They are now global platform watched and followed by thousands of Muslims on the internet.
Da'wa spread and God granted me by the blessing of His beloved and chosen prophet, (May the blessing and peace of God be upon him), He bestowed upon me wisdom and sound judgment in speech and decision. So lots of programs invited me either on air or recorded in broadcast, television and space channels. Such programs still offer to invite us but I was always and still insist on accepting programs that call to gathering different people, fight heresy and superstitions, not insult others, not confuse people by mentioning abandoned opinions, not encourage propaganda, those who are away from excitement, not encourage differences, avoid things that prevail temptations, hatred, separation and strictness in society.
God honored me by assuring calling by wisdom and fine preachment to revive true spirit of Islam, give formalities their due value without exaggeration or remissness. So our call should be moderate without negligence in religion or overstatement.
On the contrary, God made me love true Sufism and truthful Sufis and against so-called Sufis, dervishes, sorcerers, laziness, falsehood and those who seek money among Sufis. We should get Sufism back to true religion, the way of loyalty and faithfulness, seeking God's Satisfaction by hard work and getting benefits to all individuals and groups in society.

Collecting Sheikh's heritage in knowledge, calling and writing it down

God granted us truthful brothers all over the country, they record our sermons when Sheikh was alive and after that, they collected more than four thousand tapes till now, tens of video tapes and hundreds of CDs. There are still much which not collected since 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s, they are being collected and written down.
Some sincere and truthful ones amongst our brothers wrote down nearly four hundred and fifty tapes. They were written down, verses and Ahadith were revised and authenticated, now we printed and published more than ninety books in different branches of religion, life, Sufism, way to God and reality of Mohammed. Most of these books are from those written down tapes and also from modern methodical meetings. We supplicate God to help us to publish the rest to benefit Muslim males and females, God willing.

Da'wa online

Firstly and secondly:
When it becomes important that Da'wa needs to be practiced on the internet, God supported our truthful brothers and they set a website for us on the internet in 1999. It was a simple site as it was available at that time.
As technology of computer and internet is developing, God granted us in 2011 and we developed the site for the second time, now it is a global scientific reference for all our journeys, meetings and books. The efforts of our brothers gather to write down this enormous heritage from tape records and videos and change them into digital ones. They are also classified and indexed according to time, place and objectively, so that it can be easy for anyone to browse through them. In its second development, the site displayed all our lectures in videos and written, so anyone can just listen, watch video, or read online, he can also download the written, sound or video using different extensions. Of course we needed lots of effort to reform complicated hard and soft ware to improve the quality of old recorded objects after this long time. We also revised and authenticated the verses and Ahadith to be perfect, then we uploaded them in those different ways.
The site also contains lots of counsels, questions and fatawa collected over those years. It also contains a part for on-air (live) broadcast which enables millions of people to follow the meetings of Sheikh on-air. There is also an English version with some translated objects and a good number of books are already uploaded.
The number of site followers are more than two millions. Books, articles and videos are already downloaded in tens thousands.
The third development, August 2015:
As the internet develops so quickly, it was necessary to develop the site for the third time. By God's grace, the site was opened in its third version. It contains the same bases as the previous version but in the most modern scientific techniques, it can also be surfed on modern mobiles, tablets and others. Different applications for mobiles will be published soon.
We have great hope in God to support those who carry out this project and gather more truthful, sincere and specialized people with them to write down, classify and upload old and new heritage of Sheikh, then the site includes all the scientific heritage of Sheikh in different languages. God is the guide before and after, He is the one to be sought and He guides to the right path.

Da'wa and the aim

Now I am the head of Al-Jam'eyah Al-A'mah Led'dawah Ila-Allah (General Association for Calling to Allah) in A.R.E., announced under the number of 224, its headquarter is at 114, 105st, Hadayek Al-Ma'ady, Cairo, it has branches all over the country.
I also cruise the country spreading Islamic call and reviving the morals and ethics of belief by wisdom and fair preaching. In addition to different writings that aim to revive the glory of Islam. In addition to recorded tapes and multimedia of lectures, sermons and meetings on tapes and CDs, also through the internet site:
I call for discarding fanaticism and disputes among Muslims, collecting Muslims, revival of the spirit of Islamic brotherhood and throwing away envy, spite, selfishness and other diseases of soul. I keep teaching my lovers pure spiritual education after purifying their souls and clarifying their hearts.
I work hard to purify Sufism from what is against the spirit of religion and to revive practical Sufism based on Qur'an, deeds of the messenger of Allah and his companions.
My aim is to restore Islamic glory by reviving the spirit of belief, prevailing Islamic ethics and establishing principles of Qur'an.
May the blessings and peace of God be upon our sir Mohammed, his family and his companions. I supplicate Allah to make this autobiography useful for everyone who reads it and helps him to know the right way. Any good in it is from God, anything else is from my bad nature, I supplicate God to forgive and support me, my lovers and all Muslims.
At the end of this autobiography, I do as former righteous people did. I have to give a precept to my lovers, brothers and everyone who reads these pages.

The commandment

Dear brothers and lovers, may God bless you all:
I also talk to everyone who loves God, His messenger and goes to his Lord wishing to reach His satisfaction in this life and achieve his hopes in the hereafter when he meets Him, everyone who loves righteous people and follows the way of the chief of messengers, everyone whose heart is connected to conditions of those who reached God's satisfaction and degrees of pious and righteous people, those whose hearts tend to grants and God's support for His lovers and His religion by signs and by what He inspired His pious people like clear and luminous insight, inspirations of Qur'an, prophetic witnesses, magnificent visions, divine grants, guidance, responding supplications and fulfilling wishes. Concerning safety of hearts and belief of my followers, brothers, lovers and all Muslims, I recommend them by this paternal commandment.
1- Praise be to God, I do my best so that I give advice only after I follow Qur'an, Sunna and deeds of Imams, I tell brothers if they find anything different attributed to me, they should stop at once and get sure of such things to know and understand the truth and only follow what agree with true religion. Then they ask God to forgive us if we do a mistake in our opinion. We would be grateful if they contact us and God will reward them too, as above every knowledgeable one, there is one who is even more knowledgeable.
2- They should have strong and high determination in the way of God and do everything for God's sake not for gifts, favors, observation or charismata. They should just believe that following the orders of Sharia is the true permanent miracle which is better than a thousand miracles.
3- We ask every Muslim and assure to everyone who talk to us and urge them by all means to follow legal reasons, technical ways and scientific means found by God in this life in order to achieve and do different things like having a job, going to a doctor, getting married, having children or any other hope in this life. We tell all people to seek experts and specialized people in different branches of knowledge and follow legal ways as it is the order of God and Sunna of his messenger, (May the blessing and peace of God be upon him), who said in his Hadith about following reasons:
"Your Lord never respond to three types of people, someone who gets to unfrequented house, someone who stays at the route of people and someone who sends his animal free then he supplicates God to guard it."
I.e. God doesn’t respond their supplications and they never achieve their aims, the first one stays at a deserted place where he is not safe of harms, and at the same time he spends his night supplicating God to protect and guard him, God will not respond to him because he doesn’t follow reasons of safety and security and contradicts the prophet, (May the blessing and peace of God be upon him), who was guarded by all forces of God, however, following reasons and system of life, he used to have a guard at his door as a kind of following reasons of safety and security until God revealed to him in Qur'an:
5-67: "And God will protect you from people,"
Then he dismissed the guard.
The second one doesn't follow reasons of dignity safety and the right of road, he sat where people, vehicles and animals are supposed to pass, he gets his safety and dignity in danger and he harms people by narrowing their road, at the same time he seeks people's respect and supplicates God to protect him from being offended or harmed by people, God will not respond to him because he belittles rules of life.
The third one neglects reasons of protection, care and achieving aims, so he should only blame himself. We all remember the noble hadith:
"A man asked the prophet: Should I let my camel free and rely on God (to guard it)? He said: Shackle it and rely on God."
I recommend everyone who wants to follow the opinions of righteous people and their insight to ask experts and specialized people before coming to righteous people. They should give medicine its due role and get rid of laziness and slackness in following reasons because heavens don’t rain gold or silver so they should consult scientists and follow reasons.
Don’t come to a righteous man before studying the matter. You want him to be an office of visibility study or a house of experience in medicine, engineering, investment and other fields, while you are lazy or mean!!!! You come to him while you are lazy and want him to satisfy you from medicine, hard work, asking questions and doing research. You want him to supplicate God so that your project succeeds without effort, your daughter gets married, your sun finds a job without effort or cure a sick person without medicine? This is dependence on nothing disliked by righteous people because they only follow the messenger of God, (May the blessing and peace of God be upon him), who taught his companions and all the world when Bedouins asked him:
"Oh messenger of God, can we not take medicine? He said: Oh worshippers of God, take medicine, God sets a medicine for every disease."
It was narrated that Moses got sick, some children of Israel knew his disease and prescribed medicine for him but he said: No, God will cure me without medicine, his illness lasted for long time, then God revealed to him:
"Oh Moses, you want to annul My policy in the world by your dependence on Me? I won't cure you until you take the medicine they prescribed for you, whoever made medicine useful but Me?"
4- I also recommend all my brothers and those who follow reasons to elevate their creed in their Lord and know that the real doer is God and that He causes reasons to do. A true believer doesn’t rely on reasons but he follows them as this is Sunna of our prophet and regulations of our lives, then at the same time we depend on God not on our deeds. If God wills, He can make reasons inactive, or change their results, then reasons stop and man gets confused. So we need to supplicate God, we also need blessings of righteous people and God's grants for pious people. Then reasons work and there will be guidance without suffering, or relief might come in a hidden way and God comforts a servant from grieves.
It was narrated that Moses got sick, God ordered him to take a plant as medicine, he was recovered. He got sick again and he took the same plant but this time he didn’t get well, he was astonished, God said to him: "Oh Moses, cure is not in the tree but in My words." I.e. I put medicine in the tree but recovery only comes after My permission to medicine to work. Reasons only work after permission of their creator, this is the difference between a believer and a disbeliever, how?
The later (disbeliever) gets ill, he takes medicine, he recovers or dies but he only realizes exterior appearance, like a camel shackled and released but it doesn’t know why? A believer realizes the apparent reason that he neglected precaution so he gets ill, at the same time he realizes the hidden secret that God purifies him, or promotes his degree, or draws his attention. Then he goes to a doctor, takes medicine seeking cure from God as he takes it and he is grateful to God for His grants and bounties. I recommend you to work faithfully and hard relying on God not on your deeds. Then God supports you, your deeds become successful and God guards you from hidden destiny and grieves of this life.
If you follow reasons and come to righteous people, you will get their blessings and their supplication, then you are following the way of the prophet. When he wanted to fight, he got ready, when war started, he supplicated God and begged Him. Righteous people do their best, at the same time they supplicate God so that reasons work and God blesses the results and protects them from evils and plagues by the blessing of their supplication and nearness from their Lord.
5- I recommend and advise my brothers and lovers to consult their families, spouses, sons and daughters. I urge them to train their families to counsel, sharing opinions, understanding, thinking and contemplating things. The prophet used to do the same with his family and companions though he was supported by heavens and he could by God's guidance do without all opinions.
6- I also recommend you to ask God's guidance in the legal way as you follow practical reasons. You should also teach your families to do this and strengthen their faith that God the doer knows what is useful in life and in the hereafter. When necessary, we ask His guidance empowering Him and supplicating Him to guide us to the right choice. If we can't, we should be sincere and repeat this faithfully as we submit to the All Knowing (Allah). If we still don’t know the right choice or get confused, we should resort to consultation using truthful and accurate words.
7- I also recommend my dear brothers, all Muslims and those who have needs, to straighten faith, correct concepts and know that when girls don’t get married, women get divorced, women don’t give birth, women are hated and husbands become unemployed, this is not because of magic, sorcery, jinn, jealousy, envy, or such things mentioned in Sharia within narrow limits, to our ancestors, they were just exceptions not bases. When ignorance and weakness prevailed, we not only made those things bases of our marital and social problems but we also made them as main reasons for our educational defects, social mistakes, scientific and religious ignorance. We continued resigning ourselves to habits and inheritance not related to religion, our prophet, his companions and their followers didn’t use to be like that.
Oh brothers, leave weakness, fear, ignominy and asking things not from God, follow reasons seeking God Who helps and supports you, get away from magicians, sorcerers and suspicious people. Fear God and follow the orders of religion as in Qur'an, then raise your hands supplicating God, stand by His door so that reasons work, then you can get His quick hidden kindness, succor, bounty, relief from where you not expect.
I also recommend you not to feel ashamed to resort to psychotherapy or family medicine when necessary without any kind of embarrassment. Lots of people resort to sorcerers or even righteous people thinking that just consulting them, their supplications and attending their sittings can get them blessings and solve their problems without using medications, going to doctors, doing analysis or going to hospitals, how? !!!
Psychotherapy nowadays is a necessity because there are lots of psychological diseases in this age due to big stresses individuals and groups face from all directions. This causes many psychological diseases not less than heart diseases, blood pressure, diabetics and overweight, maybe they are more dangerous as they lead to other diseases. We also need family medicine because our youths now have more sexual problems because of technological developments, retreatment of religious education, absence of supervision and paternal guidance, spread of harmful habits, spread of vices and imitating western culture.
8- I also recommend my brothers and all Muslims to go back to conceptions of Sharia in what is so-called healing by Qur'an, legal Roquia (spell), herbal medicine and cupping. They should know that these things have scientific standards and religious limits. I warn you all from jugglers, liars and sorcerers who earn their living by abandoning religion and utilize naivety of religious people. Some naïve people believe that honey cures diabetics and all illnesses, or that what can't be cured by medicine can be cured by certain chapters of Qur'an or by the best names of God with the black seed. We can't do without curing by known medicine and authenticated drugs, most of them are extracted from plants by scientists and medical corporations. We believe that the one who cure is God and we follow reasons at the same time. Then supplications and blessings can work. Whoever comes to me seeking supplication to cure a disease, or achieve hope, or advice, or fatwa thinking I will give him some words to say or verses to recite as some Sheikhs usually do, I recommend them that religion asks us to follow assured authenticated medicine as doctors, specialized and scientists are taught by God and that prophetic recommendations comes by following reasons of life.
As we follow these reasons, we supplicate and beg God to grant us recovery, to give His mercy to all afflicted people by the blessing of the chief of messengers and prophets, to guide doctors to diagnose diseases and give suitable medicine, to send away hidden illnesses by blessing of supplication, to grant us His veil and remove affliction.
9- I recommend you brothers to unite so we can be like one compacted structure with all sincere serious people against those who turn Sufism to be a way to negativity, dependence on nothing, extravagance, laziness, leaving reasons and earning life by abandoning religion. I recommend you to fear God as much as you can and follow reasons of science and hard work. When the west worked hard and followed reasons God opened for them doors of this life. The same thing can happen to us, if we do as they did. As well as giving us by reasons, God grants us beyond reasons without limits and from where we don’t expect as long as we fear Him.
Fearing God means to follow Qur'an and Sunna without dependence on nothing, nor extravagance, nor dawdling. By fearing God, He opens out all kinds of blessings from heaven and earth and people can take advantage of righteous people and consultation of the people of remembrance. Their insights hit the targets, their supplications are responded and soon we get God's guidance and the little becomes more blessed and more useful than the much. God grants His mercy for the sake of his beloved pious people, His bounty and His hidden benefaction eliminate hardships. Responding to supplications of His righteous people God turns over the hearts of His people with passion towards whoever He wills among His people. Unlimited grants comes to hard working people who fear God and follow the orders of Sharia at all times. Those grants don’t come to lazy people, nor inactive people, nor those who ignore science, life and religion, nor pretenders who legalize defaming honor of Muslims, nor those who inactivate the orders of Sharia, whereas their heedless followers think they are blessed.
10- Dear lovers, avoid argumentation, insistence, stubbornness and keep to moderation of religion. Leave what ignorant and biased spread from calumny against the bases of religion and concentrating on abandoned and odd opinions seeking fame and separating people, those who do this are earning their living by abandoning religion and so they deserve punishment from God. Be an example in brotherhood and giving due rights to people. Go back to the Hadith of the prophet in which he said: "This religion is firm, go through it mildly, don’t get yourself to hate acts of worship, that who exaggerates can never reach a destination nor keep the animal he rides alive." Leave extremism and over-strictness and follow easy religion as the prophet ordered.
At the end I recommend my students, my brothers, my lovers and all Muslims to follow all former recommendations. May God guide me and you to fulfill what we hear and grant us truthfulness and guidance in what we do.
May the blessing and peace of God be upon our sir Mohammed, his family and his companions.
Sheikh Fawzy Mohammed Abu-Zeid

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